Improbabilia, directed by Brian Clement
Cast & Crew

Jeff Sinasac as Hal Norman
Keisha Prince as Nat Sheffield
Jordan Mechano as Aaron McKendrick
Robert Nolan as Dr. Joseph Snowdon
Kelly-Marie Murtha as Detective Lena Dalewood
Stephanie Carpanini as Donna Croker
Ian Dyck as Lab Assistant Drew Strasser
Nina Iordanova as Lab Assistant Margaret Scovitch
Luke Marty as Pvt. Myles "Mylie" March
Jonathan Robbins as Pvt. Dan Nicholson
Paul Nicholls as The Mayor
Jeff Saamanen as Mitchell Radczek
with Ashley Tredenick as Gail Summerton

Written & Directed by Brian Clement

Toronto Director of Photography Ryan Couldrey
Vancouver Director of Photography Rob Hunt
Title theme composed by Jasper van der Veen

Special Makeup Effects by Ashley Regnier with Melissa Leslie, Kara Devlin, Kristina Johnson, and Stephanie Semenuk
Website by Andrew Perry