Project Breakwater, directed by Brian Clement
At 13:41 Eastern Time on June 23, 2010, a 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook Ontario, Canada.

The same week, a section of downtown Toronto was fenced off to all but high-ranking government personnel, ostensibly for the G20 summit.

One week later, at approximately 16:45 Eastern Time, power went out across downtown Toronto for over an hour.

These events were not unconnected.

As summer begins to wane into autumn, Detective Benoit Michaud investigates what appears to be the suicide of prominent journalist Sandra Templeton. Michaud soon realizes that the suicide may have involved her stalker, a man with a mysterious past who underwent secret military training. The intricate web of deception expands as Michaud uncovers a report Templeton had been working on in which she describes the real reason for the G20 fences in downtown Toronto. As Michaud delves further, he realizes the murder is more than it seems, leading him to discover that the crime is part of a vast conspiracy by shadowy forces attempting to cover up the connection between the G20 fences, the earthquake, and power outage all occuring during the summer of 2010.